Monday, October 22, 2012

The Face of Things

For a logo/header/brand for my blog, I've been thinking that I need to utilise my face.

Obviously an illustrated or cartoony one. And I did make real-life money off caricatures once upon a time, so it makes sense.

My wee caricaturing stand, circa 2009

I have had one person suggest to me that I should do a vlog because my face and chat would work for that (teehee) but I'm never going to do that because no.

I feel an blog rule coming on -> making your blog accountable to an identifiable human being is important. It helps to breach the barrier between Anonymous Users I Don't Care About and People Who I Can Emotionally Invest In and Can Sell Me Stuff. Like daytime TV actors from the nineties on informercials.

It's all about sticking visuals and the magnetic pull of story-telling. With your big, personable face, slapped all over your internet. Seeing as this blog is about my personal mission to get back in touch with my artness, putting a face to a story is more than necessary. It means that I'll give up a bit more anonymity than I'd like, but I think that if anyone wanted to track me down and give me a good trolling face to face, they have more than info personal info already to do so. Sigh.

My favourite blogs have defined characters who have made their visage an important part of their blogs attraction and memorability - Fluent in Three Months, Self Versus Self (she is a beautiful bald artist and a lot of inspiration for my blog came from hers, however her blog now appears to be private, sad. Here is her twitter), for example. Other blogs that attempt to make their writer a big celebrity leader I find...a bit mad. Probably effective, but mad. I am thinking of Chris Guillbeau, even though I do think he's pretty awesome and I totally want his book about selling art. I will buy it and review it.

It's not that I want to be you. It's that I want to be you a little bit.

That's the first InkScape project decided -> make a blog brand with my face. Alrighty.

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