Monday, January 28, 2013

4 Things You Need Right Now

Are you feeling disconnected from the art world? Stuck in an art rut? (and not in the art-block sense?) Feel like giving yourself a kick into action? Here are 4 things you should download/do/read right now!

Cool App

This app is presented by Visual Artists Ireland, the Arts Council, and the Mayo County Council for some reason. I have it on my android phone, it is brilliant and I use it every day. I've tried other art-news based apps but this one really clever and relevant and just wins hands down. It's basically a run-down of the art news from the Visual Artists Ireland newsletter. It also has a great wee Listings tab that lists all the art events advertised on the VAI website. Every artist with a smart phone and who wants to keep connected with the greater Irish art world should really download this.

Cool Software

Free for a Year! If you are woeful at organisation and pricing (you may be worse than you think) you should download some handy database software for inventory, invoicing, sales, archiving, basically get yourself an office to start selling from. Artbase is another very cool one, but it costs like a million euro. A few others ranging from $70 to $1000 are listed in this Art Business blog. To make your art business suceed (because, until you have an agent for an accountant for a spouse, you are a business person AND an artist, not just the latter), you must acquire all of the technology and all of the spreadsheets.

Cool Article

Arts Funding and Bursaries: Deadline Time. You heard it, time to research your art-funding options courtesy of the state et al. Arts Council, Culture Ireland, County Council Funding, as well as specifics such as MAKE, the Rehab Visual an Performing Arts Fund, the Wellcome Trust and the YYEA are all looking to give away some money.

Shut up and take my forests of funding applications!!!

Cool Clothes

Art is the Cure is a loosley defined art therapy organisation and every time a t-shirt is bought from their site, funds go towards free creative workshops. Every t-shirt is a can pf spray paint. How cool is that?

If only it came in more complementary colours.

Cool Art Update

I made photoshop art!! Yee!! Here is a link to my deviant page with the first photoshop cartoons I have ever done. Lots of mistakes, lot of learning. A lifetime fear of layers is now a relative comfort and a very slight trepidation. If I can do it then anyone can!

So I almost starved to death and then the Galway workforce welcomed me back with open arms. This means that I'm hoping to do more list-based posts like this one for a while, until I get some time off waiting tables to plough back into my art business research. I also don't take advantage of this format and of my encyclopedic mind for art-resources quite enough. List-base posts being more readable?? Pfft!!

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