Art Peoples

    1. Artistic Groups and Collectives
    2. Artistic Industries
    3. Artist “Producers"
    4. Art Commentators, Magazines and Advocates/Activists

    Categories explained in further detail here.

    Please comment or send me a message if you have someone/somewhere that should be included in this list.

    Art Peoples that have stopped updating their pages will be scornfully deleted from this list.

Galway Art Collectives & Collaberative Groups
Galway PubScrawl 
126 Artist-run Gallery 
Groundworks Studios
The Shed
Lorg Fine Art Printmakers
Engage Art Studios
Kitchen Table Visual Artists

Arts Offices 
Galway City Council Arts Office
NUI Galway Arts Office

Galway Art Galleries, Auction Houses & Art Fairs
Galway Bay Tattoo 
Galway Arts Studio
Kenny Gallery
Dolan's Art Auction House

Galway Design Studios
Awol Tattoo Studio
Proof Graphic Design Studio

Other Galway Collaberative Spaces

Galway and Irish Art Bloggers
Shower of Kunst
Christopher Hayes
Pretty PinWork

Dublin Art Collectives
Fire Station Artist's Studio

Irish Art Websites
Creative Carousel
Visual Artists Ireland (absolutely have to sign up to their newsletter)
Scamp Illustration Blog
Illustrators Ireland

Artzines and General Zines (Irish first)
Garter Magazine
Design Observer

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